Are you a new member?

You are a new member and you may have a lot of questions, like:

  1. How do I get on the schedule? Simply type your name into open cell’s to fill roles on a given date. Here is a link to a quick screen cast video on how to use the schedule:
  2. What are the roles?
  3. Who are the officers? For 2014 / 2015 our officers are Sue Ann Kern (President), John Fry (VP of Education), Marielle Pariseau (VP of Membership), Nancy Anderson (VP of PR), Elisabeth Lentz (Secretary), Sheri Watkins (Treasurer), Fred Rubenfeld (Sgt. At Arms), and Gail Hartegan (Special Events).
  4. Can you explain the mentoring process? Our mentoring process is largely self-initiated and often happens over coffee after our meetings, but our VP of Membership sends out a monthly education email to each of the newer members.
  5. What can I expect at the meetings?
  6. Can I connect with other members via social media? Yes, Park City Toastmasters has a Facebook Page and a Twitter presence.

    To get the bigger picture of Toastmasters, visit, our District 15 Facebook Group:,, and the Toastmasters International Website as well as

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