New Member FAQ

How do I get on the schedule to speak or fill a role?

On the weekly schedule, use the drop down feature in the cells to add your name.  

What are the meeting roles?

A description of the meeting roles can be found here. For online meeting, some roles are more easily performed using a checklist. New members can easily fill the role of Ah-Master and Grammarian right away. After your first few meetings, we will encourage you to try more roles. 

Who are the club officers?  

There are seven Club Officers: President, VP of Education, VP of Membership, VP of Public Relations, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms. You can find their contact information in the same master spreadsheet.

What can I expect at a meeting?

A Toastmasters meeting is run by the Toastmaster of the Day. Every meeting has up to 3 speeches presented by members or sometimes special guests, a chance for members to practice impromptu speaking (called Table Topics), oral evaluations of the speeches given, and more! Our meetings are explained in more detail here, along with a great video.

The Pathways program seems confusing, where should I start?

Your coach and the club’s VP of Education are ready and willing to help, just ask! Toastmasters International also has some great tutorials that will explain how to get started in an easy to understand format.

Why do I need a Coach and/or Mentor?

After you join, the club’s VP of Education will reach out to connect you with another member who can help you through your first six speeches. Your coach will answer any questions and make sure you are prepared for your speeches and any meeting role you fill. You can request a particular member as your coach, or we will recommend one. 

A mentor will be a little more involved with helping you reach your personal goals. They will also be your own personal cheerleader to help keep you motivated. Forming a relationship with a mentor takes initiative on the part of the mentee, but the rewards are worth it! All of the most successful speakers and leaders enthusiastically endorse the value of mentoring. You can choose a mentor at any time.

For more questions about coaches and mentors, please contact the club’s VP of Education.

Can I connect with other members via social media? 

Yes, Park City Toastmasters has a Facebook Group and LinkedIn Group. You can also follow the club happenings on Instagram

For a bigger picture of Toastmasters, visit our District 15 website, District 15 Facebook Groupas well as LinkedIn.

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