Club Awards

President’s Distinguished Club2019-2020
Talk Up Toastmasters2019-2020
President’s Distinguished Club2018-2019
Talk Up Toastmasters2018-2019
President’s Distinguished Club2017-2018
Talk Up Toastmasters2017-2018
President’s Distinguished Club2016-2017
Talk Up Toastmasters2016-2017
President’s Distinguished Club2015-2016
Beat the Clock2015-2016
Beat the Clock2014-2015
President’s Distinguished Club2013-2014
Select Distinguished Club2012-2013
President’s Distinguish Club2011-2012
Home of Area Governor2011-2012
President’s Distinguished Club2010-2011
Smedley Award2010-2011
Home of Area Governor2010-2011
President’s Distinguish Club2009-2010
Early Bird2009-2010
Home Club of Area Governor2009-2010
Talk Up Toastmasters2008-2009
Beat the Clock2008-2009
President’s Distinguished Club2008-2009
Home Club of Area Governor2008-2009
Distinguished Club2007-2008
Discover Your Potential Membership Contest2007-2008
Home Club of Area Governor2007-2008
Select Distinguished Club2006-2007
Talk Up Toastmasters2006-2007
Horizon Award2006-2007
Smedley Award2006-2007
Best Club District 152005-2006
Distinguished Club2005-2006
Horizon Award2004-2005
President’s Distinguished Club2004-2005
Distinguished Club2003-2004
Distinguished Club2002-2003
The Wizards With Great Ideas2000-2001

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