The General Evaluator

Evaluation is the crux of the Toastmaster experience – without it we are only reinforcing bad habits.

The GENERAL EVALUATOR leads the evaluation phase of the meeting. They are responsible to make sure that the evaluation roles (Speech Evaluators, Grammarian, Ah Master, Timer, and Vote Counter) are filled and should work along side the Toastmaster of the Day to achieve this. Looking at the schedule ahead of time and asking individuals to fill vacancies is appropriate.

As the GE (General Evaluator), you should contact the evaluation team at least one day in advance of the meeting and remind them of their role, its responsibilities, and to show up early to the meeting.

Write an introduction that includes some bio and establishes some credibility and either send it to the Toastmaster of the Day at least one day in advance or bring a printed copy to the meeting. Formal introductions are expected for the Toastmaster, GE, Speakers, and the Table Topics Master.

During the meeting, the GE is responsible to make observations, specifically evaluating the performance of the Toastmaster of the Day, but also noting anything else related to the meetings effectiveness or lack there of. Did the meeting start on time? Are objectives being given for the speeches? Is the meeting on track time wise? Etc.

When you are called to lead the evaluation phase of the meeting follow this chronology:
1. Make sure the timer was called on for table topics and votes were cast,
2. Call each of the evaluators up one at a time,
3. Ask for a timers report for the speech evaluators and ask people to vote,
4. Call on the Ah Master,
5. Call on the Grammarian,
6. Give a brief evaluation of the meeting / Toastmaster, (refrain from evaluating verbally if the meeting is running over time) and
7. Return control of the meeting back to the Toastmaster.

As of October 2013, the GE is asked to send a recap of the meeting to the club via Google Groups (which we use to send group emails). Recaps could Include the following: speech overviews, shared resources, winners, next week’s toastmaster, word of the day and definition, etc.

Without evaluation, how can we improve and know what we are doing right and where we can improve?

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