Planning a TLI / Officer Training Time Line

Overview: this timeline reflects a non-Division Director’s approach to putting on an officer training that included breakfast, one keynote, and two workshop sessions that had Toastmasters and non-Toastmaster related topics. This approach was meant to also include the general public, promote Toastmasters, and raise the bar regarding officer trainings.

Date Task
7 months out Meet with those interested team members (doers, not committee people)
6 months out Secured a venue
  First team meeting to discuss name, audience, sponsorship, keynote, program, registration, call for presenters, etc.
  Email a “call for presenters” out to division clubs, area director, and division director
  Email hosting club members interested in volunteering to mark their calendars
  Email hosting club officers a request to facilitate an officer training workshop
5 months out Ask planning team to bring five title and tag line ideas to planning meeting along with sponsor ideas
  Decide on event title and tag line (e.g. Big Bad Ballyhoo, elevate your speaking and leadership skills)
  Brainstorm sponsorship ideas and levels of participation. E.g. $50 or less: mentioned in emails and program, $50-99: poster, program, email, social media; $100-499: poster, email, program, email, social media, recognized at event.
  Begin social media campaign: personal tweets, club and district tweets, club and district FB, personal LinkedIn and TM group LinkIn posts, hosting club / event website post
  Ask Division Director to invite other divisions to attend
  Follow up with keynote leads / ideas. Attempt to nail down a keynote speaker.
  Ask Division Director to email another request for workshop proposals
4 months out Deadline for workshop applications and descriptions
  Create and send out first round of division emails with attached flyer promotion via Division Director
  Extend workshop and keynote commitment finalization to three months out (if struggling to obtain commitments). Begin thinking about 3rd keynote alternate if first two have not committed.
  Post promotion graphic on District Facebook page
  Meet with team to decide on keynote
  Send out sponsoring invite to hosting club members
3 months out Meet with team to discuss catering, advertising, program, etc.
  Contact caterers for prices and menu ideas for 50-75 people
  Set facilitator training dates
  Contact alternate workshop facilitators if necessary.
  Contact local radio station about set up a radio interview
  Recruit someone to be the MC
  Create draft online registration
  Resend sponsorship invitation to hosting club members
  Follow up with hosting club officers about leading workshops and being trained
  Ask someone to put together a logo slideshow and setting up projectors for the event
2 months out Submit announcement to local publications (to invite public)
  Send another promotional email out through the Division Director
  Create poster and email to division club presidents
  Get prices on poster printing
  Ask hosting club members to sponsor (reminder email) and send money to finalize budget
  Submit event to local online event calendars
  Email presidents and area directors about some of the workshops being offered to generate interest
  Update event /club website post with more details regarding keynote and workshops
  Follow up with hosting club officers about facilitating workshops
  Create draft program
1 month out Contact alternate facilitator to secure commitment if necessary
  Secure local radio interviews to promote the event and write an article for the local paper
  Create a volunteer sign up form
  Go live with online preregistration form
  Ask local coffee shop to sponsor and get a commitment
  Create draft poster with sponsor logos and send out to sponsors for review
3 weeks out Meet with team to firm up details regarding program, posters, catering, budget, etc.
  Contacted caterer options
  Update poster and program with any changes
  Receive any last minute sponsor money
  Send pre-registration link to Division Director and District Director
  Recruit any replacement facilitators to lead an officer training
  Send final for 25 posters to be printed with
  Finalize programs and send to printer
  Email pre-registration link to Division Club Presidents and Area Directors
2 weeks out Assign volunteers to be greeters and set up / tear down
  Remind and invite workshop facilitators to training a training the week before
  Email to Division Director to forward to division (and send it to club presidents and area directors too) regarding the workshop line up, free breakfast, and link to pre-register
2 weeks out Hang posters around town
  Email .pdf of event poster to local hosting club members to invite people
  Remind event team, volunteers, and facilitators to be at event at 8:00am for a pre-event briefing
  Meet with team to firm up catering and send check.
  Contact local coffee shop to remind them of their beverage sponorship
  Create facilitator template / training and email out and go over at training to insure every workshop has the same interactive experience
1 week out Facilitator training, walk through venue with team and venue contact, and talk through final details
  Purchase card and gift card for keynote, hang more posters
  Send another email to District Director, Area Directors, and Club Presidents
Day before Email team reminder and tally of pre-registration
  Email Area Directors and Club Presidents to invite membership
  Post event invitation on LinkedIn one last time (for public invitation)
Day of event Arrive early and brief team on what needs to be done to set up (signage, sound, food tables, breakout locations and set up of rooms, etc.).
After event Meet with team to debrief, go over event comment sheets,


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