Jillian Martin

Toastmasters. Where do I even begin. Being a part of the Park City Toastmasters Club has been a foundation, a rock, for me over the past 1.5 years. I had heard of Toastmasters and even dabbled in a couple clubs, but this one stuck. The caliber of this club is outstanding. PC Toastmaster’s is an amazing diverse group of people of all backgrounds and accomplishments. It is a supportive and positive environment that has helped me grow and explore my own stories and path.

I started out very timid, attending once in a while and praying that I wouldn’t have to participate, but once I got that first speech under my belt. Wow! The enthusiasm and support from the group was unreal! Park City Toastmasters provided me a foundation for building my skills in public speaking and story telling, and also helped improve my self confidence and understanding that we all have stories to tell and the more I can share the more whole I feel.

I recommend Toastmaster’s to anyone, whether terrified of speaking or a seasoned pro. The format of the club provides structure to rely on while you get started, and combined with the support and energy from the rest of the club, my speaking and self confidence has improved tenfold. I discovered not only a love of public speaking, but also the importance of connection and support from my peers. Thank you PC Toastmasters!

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