The meeting on September 13th will be at Treasure Junior High

To help the 9th grade leadership class start their Toastmaster meetings we will be demonstrating by meeting in their classroom next Tuesday. We will not be meeting at the library. The class time differs from our normal meeting time. The class is from 7:35 to 8:50am. Please arrive early to sign in at the office. There will be other members there who can direct you to the classroom of Cheryl Henry (my wife).
The schedule is filled, with the exception of an alternate speaker (we won’t use a loud and clear or greeter).
The theme is donuts!
If you have any questions, let me know.
Sheri will pick up supplies for the meeting and Fred will leave a sign at the library for folks who don’t get the memo. I will also post something on the website and send out a reminder email.


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