Educational Speeches

The Leadership Excellence Series

The Visionary Leader .pdf .pps
Developing a Mission .pdf .pps
Values & Leadership .pdf .pps
Goal Setting & Planning .pdf .pps
Delegate to Empower .pdf .pps
Building a Team .pdf .pps
Giving Effective Feedback .pdf .pps
The Leader as a Coach .pdf .pps
Motivating People .pdf.pps
Service & Leadership .pdf .pps
Resolving Conflict .pdf .pps

The Successful Club Series

Moments of Truth .pdf .pps
Finding New Members for Your Club .pdf .pps
Evaluate to Motivate .pdf .pps
Closing the Sale .pdf .pps
Creating the Best Club Climate .pdf .pps
Setting the Stage for Success: Meeting Roles and Responsibilities .pdf .pps
Mentoring .pdf .pps
Keeping the Commitment .pdf .pps
Going Beyond Our Club .pdf .pps
How to be a Distinguished Club .pdf .pps
The Toastmasters Educational Program .pdf .pps

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