A Message from the President

A tradition of the Park City Toastmasters is for the President to pick a theme for the year.    For example, the last two themes were “Just One Thing” (Sue Ann Kern) and “Go For It” (Cathy Barker).    The theme for this year is “Good Turns”.

Part of the charm of this theme is that it has at least three meanings.   First, we should all strive to help others by doing a “good turn”.   Second, personal progress almost always involves “turning” some aspect of our behavior or belief system.   Third, many club members are involved in sporting activities that involve turning!    There’s nothing like the feeling of a perfectly executed ski or snowboard turn, and the ability to execute the same only happens after diligent practice.    Powerful speaking only happens after diligent practice, which is what Toastmasters is all about!

John Fry

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